Our services

Arnav Surveys operates worldwide through a network of selected specialists. Through our network of agent surveyors we organize surveys in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas & the Middle East.

1. Marine cargo surveys worldwide

  • Cargo damage surveys
  • Cargo pre-loading condition surveys
  • Container loading & discharge surveys
  • Packaging & stowage risks assessment & loss control
  • Route & road movement risk assessment
  • Professional liability surveys (carriers, stevedores, forwarders)
  • Salvage sales

2. Vessel surveys worldwide

  • Vessel damage surveys
  • Pre-loading condition surveys of ships
  • Vessel full condition surveys
  • Vessel loading & discharge surveys
  • Draft surveys
  • Bunker quantity surveys

3. Property surveys worldwide

  • Property damage surveys
  • Warehouse inspection & risk assessment
  • Construction sites, factory & office building inspection & risk assessment
  • Port terminal inspection & risk assessment

4. Remote coaching of agent surveyors

Working worldwide is not easy. While we instruct our agents prior to any mission, sometimes the quality of the local survey work is not completely up to standard. To verify whether correct survey procedures and methods are followed, we remain in close contact with the local surveyor during the different stages of the survey and together work out the best possible approach.

5. Critical review of marine survey reports

Objectivity and neutrality can be best guaranteed when the review of the survey report is done by an external third party. We have many years experience reviewing survey reports and know which qualities a good report should have. We work together with the local surveyor and bring the survey report up to standard.